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10 questions to determine your character

1. How often do you get tormented by the thought that you should not have said or done something?

a) very often - 1 point;

b) sometimes - 3 points.

2. If you communicate with a brilliant and witty person, you:

a) try to defeat him in wit - 5 points;

b) do not get involved in the competition, but give it due and get out of the conversation - 1 point.

3. Choose one of the opinions closest to you:

a) the fact that many people seem lucky, in fact, the result of hard work - 5 points;

b) success often depends on a happy coincidence - 1 point;

c) in a difficult situation, the main thing is not perseverance or luck , but a person who can approve or console - 3 points.

4. You were shown a cartoon or a parody of you. You:

a) laugh and rejoice that you have something

original - 3 points;

b) also try to find something funny in your partner and make fun of it - 4 points;

c) offended, but do not give a kind - 1 point.

5. Are you always in a hurry, do not have enough time, or do you undertake tasks that exceed the capabilities of one person?

a) yes - 1 point;

b) no - 5 points;

c) I do not know - 3 points.

6. You choose perfume as a gift to a friend. Buy:

a) spirits that you like - 5 points;

b) perfume, which, as you think, will be glad girlfriend,

although you personally do not like them - 3 points;

c) perfume, which was advertised in a recent television program.

7. Do you like to imagine different situations in which you behave very differently than in life?

a) yes - 1 point;

b) no - 5 points;

c) I do not know - 3 points.

8. Does it hurt you when your colleagues (especially young ones) are doing better than you?

a) yes - 1 point;

b) no - 5 points;

c) sometimes - 3 points.

9. Do you enjoy objecting to someone?

a) yes - 5 points;

b) no - 1 point;

c) I do not know - 3 points.

10. Close your eyes and try to imagine 3 colors:

a) blue - 1 point;

b) yellow - 3 points;

C) red - 5 points.


1.50-38 points-You are satisfied with yourself and are confident in yourself.

2.37-24 points.-You live in harmony with yourself

3.23-10 points.-Obviously, you are unhappy with yourself

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