Have you ever travelled without making any plan? Have you made any big decision without thinking about your current plans? We all have a mentality of planning everything right from our birth until our death. But what we forget is the way we live our life to achieve these goals.

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Here's a good example from our daily life. We are on our way to home from our office. We head towards a mode of transport, either rickshaw or taxi. When you tell your address, no one is ready to take you to your destination. You approach every rickshaw or taxi, but everyone refuses to take you to your destination. You made a plan in morning, you will take a rickshaw from office to home. It failed now. What will you do? You cannot stand back, because it's your home and you need to get there anyhow, by whatever means.

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Same is with your life. You plan certain things, but certain things do not go as planned. So we stick to our plans, without trying to find alternative solutions. We struggle a lot to get things right the way we planned. For example one plans to get a high salary job, secure future, marry, have kids, peaceful retirement. But this doesn't go as planned. The more he struggles, the more he fails. He tends to fall more after looking at his counterparts becoming successful in their lives. This leads to depression and other problems.

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We need to change this attitude. No two persons can lead the same life. Think what you are good at, and pursue the goals. Planning right from start is good, but if those plans don't work, prepare next plan. Do not stick to the same plan.

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