Common man, one who works 8-12 hours a day, meets family's demands and has no time for other work. He has no time for hobbies also. During childhood, a lot of interesting things were done as a hobby. But with start of daily job routine, we forgot everything we did as a hobby. So can we at least define a hobby? Do we remember its definition?

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A hobby can be anything we love to do. People have different hobbies, like cycle trek, drawings, painting, music, dance, sports, pet care, fishing and many more. People spend some to all of their time on their hobbies. We as a common man, have to spend at least half to one hour a week on our hobbies. Instead of wasting time somewhere else, try to book an hour or so, generally during your holidays. So why do we need to spend time on our hobby?

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Hobbies, relax us. Working on our hobbies reshuffles our mind thoughts and we start thinking in a new direction. We start thinking creative and throw ourselves away from boring regular work. This helps us to calm our mind.

I would like to add a story in here. One guy worked too hard. He worked so hard that he didn't even watch any kind of sports. After 4 years of job, he became so much frustrated, that he was about to end his life. He realised that he had spent 4 years of life just working. He did not enjoy any outing, nor any movie. He did not make any new friends. He quit watching and reading about sports. His life became dull. He did nothing but work. Some doctor suggested him to relax, do things he loves to do, enjoy life. He followed his life under the guidance of the doctor and late on he started feeling relaxed and joyful.

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So here I just want to inform you guys that our life is limited. Do not waste time in just office. Live life during your holidays. Have fun. Do write in comments about your hobby and why you like it.

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