Guys, in my previous article I had written on top 10 jobs which will vanish in future. This article is about 'how we will earn money in future without jobs'.

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A job is everything, our job is our bread and butter. We work and whatever we do is for our future. But what if we do not have jobs? How are we going to earn without jobs? As most of the jobs will be replaced by technology, how are the governments planning to make human lives better with technology? Everyone is discussing these things and no one is there to answer.

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In this video, by Martin Ford on TED Talks, has talked about 'How we will earn money in future without jobs'. Do watch this 15 minutes (approx.) video for a complete understanding of his future perception.

YouTube: Ted Talks

We do not need to panic, even though we need to focus on building our future, up-skilling ourselves and finally waiting for the future to come. Adapt ourselves to new technology and live acordingly.

In another article, I will be writing about the triple revolution report, which Martin Ford said in this video explaining few details and how this happens again and again.

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