When it comes to Pune, everything is grand. Be is festivals, parties or even brand launches, grandness is in the heart of Pune. What do you feel when you see the crowd below? Such a long queue right? Why are many people gathering here for a cake and pastry shop opening?

Long Queue near SSPMS Ground, at Kekiz Cake Fest; PC- Akshay

Kekiz, India has launched its stores in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, and they held a grand International Cake Festival, at S.S.P.M.S ground, Pune on 19th & 20th May 2018. Large cakes were the main attraction for people. But what made so much crowd attract over here? It was the 'Baahubali cake', 'London Bridge cake' and the 'Pune Metro cake'. Take a look at this grand event.

Large cakes on display, plane, F1 car, hearts; PC- Akshay

The size of cakes was too big, approximately the base was of the size of a standard table.

Large size cakes of diyas, Mehel; PC- Akshay

More cakes are here.

Cakes with race track, chess, instruments, playground; PC- Akshay

Willing to play chess on cake, or play music on cake, try these.

Football field cake, Pune Metro cake, overview of cake display; PC- Akshay

And here is the most awaited, for which the entire crowd was here, the Baahubali cake.

The Baahubali Cake; PC- Akshay

Another attraction for this event, the London bridge cake.

The London Bridge Cake; PC- Akshay

This was a grand event, held in Pune which received plenty of support.

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