Pain - a part of life, a reason to cry, an ache in your heart, heals with time, something we hate. Pain can be defined in so many ways. Weird as it may sound, pain becomes what we perceive of it. If you think its a phase of sadness and it'll pass, then it really will. If you think its a huge weight on your heart and you can't take it anymore, you really wouldn't be able to take it and you'll see yourself lose. If you hate pain, the experience will become twice as difficult for you. And if you think you are strong enough to conquer it, then you will conquer it!

Personally I think of pain as a way of growth. I have written some of my best poems when was in pain, l have realized some of the deepest facts when I was in pain, I have become better and stronger each time l was able to overcome the pain. l think pain is a good thing. It was painful when I was learning to write, but if I hadn't conquered that pain I wouldn't have been able to write what I'm writing right now. It was painful when my mother waved me goodbye and sent me school and I had to stay away from her for hours - but that pain and those long years it took me to overcome it, because of that I'm educated now. It was painful when those girls used to bully me in school for years when I was little but that is the reason I learnt to fight them and no one has bullied me ever since. It was really painful when the people l thought were my best friends, forgot me and erased me from their lives in the blink of an eye, but thanks to them, now I know who my real friends are and which ones are fake. It was painful when my cheerful and favorite uncle died when l was only ten - that taught me never to take anything or anyone for granted and to cherish every moment with my loved ones. The list goes on, and so does the pain but I'm thankful for all that pain. I have the strength to face it now. People choose fun and joy because thats easy. Pain is for strong people, because the path is difficult. Life has chosen pain as our teacher. And teachers are not to be feared, they are to be learnt from.

- Sreejani Ghosh

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