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School is the second home for your kids where they learn about etiquette of their life. Having a long term break makes them a bit lazy and they start hating school as again they have to wake up in the morning. Back to school time is like an exam for the parents making their kids ready for school. Here, these are the top six tips to make them ready for school.

1. Make your kids understand why and how to love their school. School is the best place for development. Tell your school stories that how you loved going to school and how did you enjoyed when you were in school.

2. Set up their daily routine one week before going back to school. Make them go early to bed and early to rise.

3. Mostly, the kids worry about their homework as they treat it a hardship for which they are being forced. Make them understand the importance of homework and help them to do it. Have fun while doing homework.

4. Share your experiences like how you looked in your school uniform. Show them how it is interesting to go to school and making new friends and having fun with them.

5. Kids are always excited about their lunch box and what their mom had prepared for them at lunch. Make new dishes or their favourite dishes which they love.

6. Try to build a positive attitude in them. Building positivity in their life will enhance their personality skills.

- Vaishali Varshney

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