Guys, we all have been playing chess since our childhood. But have you ever heard of multi-player chess? Chess or as we call it as 'Shatranj', emerged during the 6th century. Since then we all have played two player chess. We have 'Viswanathan Anand' as the Indian chess grandmaster.

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But have you ever hear of four player chess or multi-player chess? History also explains us about multiplayer chess. So let us begin with the rules. Though these rules are common rules, as there are no specific defined rules for multiplayer chess.

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In this game, you have to compete with three players. There is nothing called as checkmate. You have to win, by capturing the opponents King. This is a point game, so the Pawns are +1 point, Knights are +3, Bishops and Rooks are +5, Queens are +9, Kings are +20.

As per the simple two player chess, when a pawn moves to the last square of opponent side, it promotes. Similarly, in four player chess when the pawn reaches the centre of the board, it gets promoted to Queen but has just +1 point.

Watch the video to understand how a four player chess is played.

On searching the internet we some interesting variants in four player chess. We also found three player chess, which is quite complicated.

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There is a saying, 'The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do'. Do try out these crazy variants in chess.

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