Technology is advancing at a very fast speed. Entire world is dependant on technology. Since advanced technology, here are certain jobs which will disappear in future.

  • Postman: Due to advancement in technology, and declination in paper work, postman will no longer exists in future. This might get replaced by drones.
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  • Sewing machine operator: Advanced technology means automation in everything. This will impact reduction in operators required for sewing clothes.
  • Fast food industry is on rise. But this will also head for automation leading to decline in fast food operators.
  • Agricultural workers will also reduce with time. Automation will replace the work force with advanced tech.
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  • Data entry workers: Jobs in data entry field will reduce, even though now it is a booming industry right now.
  • Street vendors: In India street vendors are the best one to earn money. Some street vendors earn more than mid-corporate level employees. But this industry will diminish in future, as the technology advances further.
  • Machine operators: Automation has already reduced workforce in manufacturing sector. This is further reduce to nothing as these jobs will be handled completely by robots.
  • Petroleum: As the world is moving towards green energy, people working in petroleum sector will see a downgrade in their jobs. Though this will happen at a very slow rate, but this industry will definitely be affected. Even countries dependant on oil & gas are finding alternatives for their survival.
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  • Drivers: As the industry is moving towards driver-less cars are the future. This will definitely eradicate the drivers from their seats.
  • Print media: People have started opting for digital media, be it new papers, magazines or books. So hard copies will no longer exists and all the advertisements and news will be completely online in digital form, hence taking away the print media jobs.
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Though these jobs will cease but there will be rise in other sectors. Advancement in technology will create new job opportunities. New job opportunities will require new skills and new skills will create new workforce. So be ready for future.

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